Policies aiming for the smoother integration of migrants. Education and training policies that plan to facilitate labor integration of the migrant population. The current methods are not necessarily effective. COVID brought self-isolation measures resulting to the pause of training and social interaction.

The solution is suggested by the Life in EU is the relation of citizenship related education to employment and livelihood along with the use of new technologies since they can play a crucial role, bringing a valuable training to the society and enabling a paradigm shift towards citizenship activation.


  1. To promote active citizenship though creative learning
  2. To strengthen labour market integration through an online motivational roadmap
  3. To foster employability and knowledge and recognition of diversity and promotion of tolerance through awareness raising campaign
  4. To empower young migrants to communicate, interact, create and exchange knowledge using novel learning technologies that support and foster ubiquitous, learner-centred, social and life-wide future smart training and knowledge transfer
  5. To establish a digital learning ecosystem that targets societal needs and challenges by promoting cognitive, affective and social aspects of personalised training within informal (cultural, historic, tradition) settings

What activities are you going to implement?

  1. Building and development of training based the subjects of history, politics, social affairs, law and rights, values, religion, geography, culture and customs of the host country
  2. Creating immersive workshops and performance simulations on the above thematic where multi-user groups will have collaborative virtual interactions
  3. Reconstructing key cultural and historical events through storytelling to engage trainers and trainees in a virtual environment for enriched learning experience of the country values and language use through an inclusive approach
  4. Development of a roadmap to employability to assist transition to adulthood.


  1. Collection of practices that enhanced the understating of young migrants in the topics of civic participation
  2. Citizenship Guide for youth workers working with migrant learners
  3. Life in EU digital tool (app)
  4. Training of Youth workers working with young migrants
  5. 7 Regional Events